Posted on October 2, 2021

NEW Tau (flute and trombone)

NEW Paschal Prelude (2 flutes, violin, viola)

NEW Haecceitas (guitar solo)


NEW Gjysmëhije (flute and harp)

NEW Dornenlied II (flute, violin, viola, cello)

NEW Irmos (bass flute)

NEW Psalm 119: 41-48 (performed on flute solo)

NEW Orisons (solo piccolo)

I. Aspiration

II. Haiku

III. Selah

IV. Austru

NEW the flattery of fire (four unspecified performers) performed as a string quartet by the members of the Jordan College of Fine Arts Composers’ Orchestra  

NEW I Will Betroth You To Me (MMsA women’s’ choir)

“…ailes sans plume…” for fixed media

Three Fragments for Bb clarinet, soprano saxophone, violin, and ‘cello performed by members of the Belmont University New Music Ensemble conducted by Dr. Mark Volker

Remplage from Three Pieces for Two Flutes; performed by Iwona Glinka

Lépia from Three Pieces for Two Flutes; performed by Iwona Glinka

Schattengesang from Three Pieces for Two Flutes; performed by Iwona Glinka:

5 Cretti (after Burri) for fixed media

Ruth chamber opera in one act; performance by CSU Horton School of Music Lyric Theatre

Patina for glockenspiel solo; performance by Claire Edwardes

Exaleipsas for flute and marimba; performance by Laura Jordan and Sarah Carrier

Aspiration for piccolo solo; performance by Maria Carolina Cavalcante

Hinaufziehen for english horn solo; performance by Anne Goldberg

Ephemera for harp solo; performance by Alyssa Reit

Susurration for guitar solo; performance by Kenji Haba

String Quartet #1 JACK Quartet performance at the 2011 University of Alabama Huntsville New Music Festival.

the flattery of fire for four unspecified performers; premiere by thingNY on Bb clarinet, soprano saxophone, violin, and contrabass.

Percussion Quartet for four percussionists (each with a similar percussion battery) spatially separated around the room the four cardinal points [a pretty good recording despite the varying distances from the microphone]; performed by IWU Percussion Ensemble under the direction of Marc Wooldridge

Three Haiku (flute, clarinet, violin, cello) premiere by the Definiens Project at the 2010 Fresno New Music Festival

in memoriam (hommage a Chopin) for piano solo; premiere by Richard Ratliff

deplori for trombone solo; performance by Patrick Crossland

Eulogetos for women’s choir; performance by The Master’s College Women’s Chamber Choir under the direction of Carolyn ‘Woody’ Simons

Three Haiku for string sextet [written for a string techniques class, all beginners]; performance by String Techniques Class, The Master’s College

“then they will look on Me, the one they pierced” (Zechariah 12:10) Movements I-III for large orchestra, performance by the University of Minnesota Orchestra under the direction of Gabriela Díaz Alatriste

Psalm 119:41-48 for clarinet solo;

Psalm Fragments for viola solo; performance by Johanna Pressley

Maranatha for violin and orchestra; performance by Jim Riccardo and the Health Sciences Orchestra under the direction of the composer

Until Christ is Formed for soprano solo

Three Meditations on Zechariah 12:10: “then they will look on Me, the one they pierced” for piano solo; performance by Deborah Bang

Psalm 119:17-24 for contrabass solo

May God Be Exalted suite in five movements for piano solo [movement III stops midway (apologies)]; premiere by Richard Ratliff

My Supplication unto the Lord for saxophone solo; performance on alto saxophone by Jay Young