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Posted on October 2, 2021

May 20, 2019

Many apologies!  It has been too long since I last posted, but much has happened and is happening!  I will bring you up to date with everything in reverse chronological order, starting with what is upcoming.  Also, be sure to check out some of my new recordings on the Listen page!

Personal News:

Last September, Johanna and I welcomed baby #3, Isaac Pershing, into our family!   He is a bundle of fun and all smiles!   Our son, Silas, is 5 1/2, and our daughter Alina is nearly 4, so (like last time) this partly explains my making excuses rather than updating this website!

Composition News:

I was promoted!  I finally submitted my materials for promotion, and am now Associate Professor of Music Theory at The Horton School of Music at Charleston Southern University.

UPCOMING Performances:

A new, short Prelude for piano is slated for both a world premiere in Charleston as well as a Canadian premiere sometime this year.  I will keep you posted!

Haecceitas, a new work for solo guitar, was requested by New York City guitarist, Kenji Haba, for his Fall tour of the Southeast US.  (You can hear him perform the premiere of my short guitar work, Sussuration, on my Listen page.)

Tau, for flute and trombone is going to be premiered at the 2019 West Fork New Music Festival at Fairmont State University in Fairmont, WV, September 27-28, 2019.

Sashinobe, for three unspecified performers will be performed in Lucca, Italy, October, 2019.

Ms. Iwona Glinka is slated to give the world premiere of Orisons for solo piccolo, as well as the European premiere of my Psalm 119: 41-48 for solo flute (dates/locations TBA).

Recent Performances and Presentations:

I had a premiere in France!  My fixed media piece, “…ailes sans plume…”, was a winning work in the 2019 Art and Science Days and performed as part of its Déjà vu concert on May 16, 2019 in Saint-Étienne.  You can listen to the work on my Listen page.

A new work for piccolo solo, Orisons, and my Psalm 119:41-48 for solo flute have been recorded by flutist Iwona Glinka and released the CD, Waw, by Phasma Music.  It is available nationally and internationally via Amazon, iTunes, etc.  This is actually the second time she has recorded works of mine, since she already recorded my Three Pieces for Two Flutes on 2 Minutes also through Phasma Music (see below).

I presented (twice) on Mahler’s “Ich atmet’ einen linden Duft” from his Rückert-Lieder at Harvest Community School in Summerton, SC on May 2, 2019.

On March 8, my work, Sashinobe, for three unspecified performers was premiered (and played twice) at the Dillo in Sintesi Festival in Lucca, Italy.  This work was requested by my composer friend Girolamo Deraco.  He is an excellent composer and you should check out his music at his website listed under “Links” on the right side of my Home page.

My Three Fragments was performed in Nashville, Tennessee on March 1, 2019 at the Southeastern Composers League Forum at Fisk University.  I was finally able to hear the work live and it went very well!  A video of the performance is available here:

5 Cretti (after Burri) was performed two more times in Italy!  It was performed at the Società Italiana Musica Contemporania concert in Bari on November 23, 2018, and it was performed at the Auditorium Banca del Monte in Lucca on April 22, 2018.

the flattery of fire was performed — this time by string quartet — at the JCA Composers Orchestra concert at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana on October 4, 2016 (check out the recording on the Listen page!).

5 Cretti (after Burri) finally had its American premiere!  It was a winning work in the call for scores for the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival and performed at the Abron Arts Center in New York on July 17, 2018

I did some guest lecturing at the Charleston Southern University Summer Music Camp, June 26-30, 2018!  I gave one-hour daily presentations on music theory topics to the music camp students.  I also gave a second one-hour presentation on June 27 to the piano camp students (Form and Function in the Shorter Piano Works of Robert Schumann).

Lekythos was a winning work in the University of South Florida New Music Festival call for scores and performed beautifully by Erol Ozsever and Valeria Frege at the festival in Tampa on April 6, 2018.  Here is a link to a video of the performance:

My Paschal Prelude was a selected work in the 2018 Southeastern Composers League Forum call for scores and was performed very well at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, LA on February 23, 2018.  Here is a link to the performance:

Patina was a winning work in the 2018 College Music Society Southern Regional Conference call for scores and performed at the conference at Albany State University in Albany, GA on February 24, 2018.

I had a radio premiere in Croatia!  I was informed that the CD Felt: Striking Works for Solo Piano (that includes my in memoriam (hommage a Chopin)) was broadcast on Americana Radio in Croatia on January 29, 2018.

I submitted the three movements of my Three Pieces for Two Flutes (Lepìa, Remplage, and Schattengesang) to Phasma Music’s call for scores for two flutes in the hopes that one would be picked.  All three (!) were selected and premiered (under the movement names) by Iwona Glinka and Renata Guzik at the Old Municipal Hospital of Patras in Patras, Greece on December 18, 2017.

In September 2018, my Three Pieces for Two Flutes were ALSO recorded by Iwona Glinka (playing both flute parts!) and released on the Phasma Music CD, 2 Minutes that features works for two flutes by composers from around the world.  On the CD the work is listed as the names of the individual movements (Lepìa, Remplage, and Schattengesang). There are links to performances of each of the pieces on the Listen page.  Here is a link to the website:  The CD is released internationally through Naxos online, so you can acquire a digital (or CD) copy through Amazon, iTunes, etc.

My Three Haiku was a winning work in the 2017 West Fork New Music Festival call for scores and performed awesomely by the Great Noise Ensemble at the festival at Fairmont State University in Fairmont, WV on September 9, 2017.

I also gave three presentations at Harvest Community School for their “Composer Study” (each presentation given three times) at various times throughout the past school year.  I spoke on “Soupir” from Ravel’s Trois Poèmes de Stéphane Mallarmé (May 17, 2018), Schubert’s Der Doppelgänger (February 1, 2018), and a performance lecture on Telemann’s Sonata in A minor for Viola and Guitar (November 2, 2017).